Wilderness and Remote First Aid Training Course - Out of Council

Description: Wilderness and Remote First Aid Training Course - Out of Council
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Wilderness and Remote First Aid Training Course is being offered - Now Required to Attend High Adventure. Boy Scouts of America requires that a minimum of one person in each crew (Group) be Wilderness First Aid trained and certified to participate at all BSA National and Council High Adventure camps (i.e. Philmont, etc.)

WHAT: Wilderness and Remote First Aid. CPR has been incorporated into the WFA course

WHEN: 6:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM, Friday, Feb 8th - 8:00 AM on Saturday, Feb 9th, until course is completed (approx 6:00 PM).

WHERE: At the Independent Insurance Agent and Brokers of SC, on 800 Gracern Rd, Columbia, (on the corner of Betsy Dr.). The building is in front of Scout Office.

WHO: This course is for Scouters and Scouts planning to lead / attend a High Adventure Treks.


Must be at least 14 years of age on or before the last scheduled session of the course. It is strongly recommended that Scouts have earned their First Aid Merit Badge prior to attending and Scouters have some first aid background. (call for exemptions). You must be a registered Scout or Scouter for the discounted Registration to apply.

.The start of the Wilderness First Aid course at 6pm to cover the perquisite requirement. CPR has been incorporated into the WFA course and there’s no additional CPR fee.

Priority will be given to persons who have registered and paid in advance

WHAT'S INCLUDED: All materials, WFA Certificate, & CPR Certificate (upon course completion).

Bring your own lunch for Saturday (this will be a lunch & learn session, to help with early dismissal).

COST: $95.00 regular, $85.00(Scouting discount) for the Wilderness First Aid course. Late fee charge $15.00

PAYMENT DUE DATES: Payment must be received online www.pcprosrus.com/ssdg/index.html, no later than January 28th to secure enrolment in the February class. An individual is not considered registered until full payment is made. Pay in full by December 27th, 2012, for BSA members the cost is $80.00, $90.00 for all others.

About the Course: The Wilderness and Remote First Aid (WFA) course is intended for those involved in activities that take them beyond the scope of traditional urban emergency medical services. It helps provide the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with emergencies that occur in situations where access to EMS is delayed. This course covers Remote / delayed-help situations, causes and prevention of wilderness injuries, preparation for back-country trips, emergency action steps when EMS is not readily available, training in basic and more advanced first aid techniques when an injury occurs, responding to an emotionally upset victim, short distance transfer and evacuation techniques and experience providing wilderness first aid through scenarios and simulated rescues that test knowledge and skills. Those successfully completing the WFA portion (16 hours) will receive ECSI certificates (WFA certificate valid for two years).The participants of the class will be divided into smaller groups for the scenarios. The crew will be separated into one, two or more groups, depending on the activity.

What to bring: Some of the group needs to collect and bring wood limbs, etc... These can be 2, 4, and 5 to 7 feet long to be used in first aid scenarios. Bring 4 to 5 pairs of each length.

Wear comfortable cloths to participate, Writing utensils, small note book, Load your backpack or duffel bag, large gym bag (if you don't haven or purchased a backpack) like your ready for a three day backpacking trip. No food or cooking items, Pack only one change of clothes (in you pack or bag), sleeping bag (cheap one may get damaged), Sleeping pad, Pocket knife / Leatherman or Gerber Multi-tool), Do-Rag (a head band that can cover your head sweat-band), Small 2 man tent with everything to set up (if you have one to share, That is great),Two old tees shirts (These will be used in first aid scenarios and will be sacrificed/damaged /or destroyed), Old blanket, compass, personal first aid kit, Rope, cord or straps, rain gear, camp chair (pad that adjusts with no legs/ sit on the ground with back support), Walking stave/staff (or note the above statement about wood limbs long and/or short), Note: if you think of something else to bring, Ok, just remember that it's for first aid scenarios that use backpacking equipment/materials.

QUESTIONS? Contact Bob Hamilton (803) 359-9646. Register at www.pcprosrus.com/ssdg/index.html

Activity Location: Map:  800 Gracern Rd, Columbia, SC 29210, US
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