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2017 Fall Popcorn Sale



Key Dates:

August 1:  Early Bird Popcorn Sale Begins (Order forms are mailed to all registered youth - go ahead and start taking orders!)

August 4:  Show & Sell #1 orders are due online at

August 17-18:  Popcorn ready for pick-up at the warehouse

September:  Units hold their product sales kickoff

September 4:  Show & Sell #2 orders are due

NEW DATE: September 21:  Popcorn ready for pick-up.  Times and locations can vary per District.

NEW DATE: November 10:  Popcorn Sale Ends

NEW DATE: November 17:  Final Popcorn orders (Take Orders) due online at  Don't forget to order Trails End Prizes, too!

NEW DATE: November 30/Dec. 1:  Popcorn ready for pick-up. Times and locations can vary per District.

December 1:  Deadline to turn in all money and prize orders (Unit check or credit card - no individual checks)

*Unit Final Invoices will be sent in advance so that final payments can be accepted at popcorn distribution {unit check or by credit card - no individual checks}

{If this impacts your unit, please contact Derek Mallow or Susie Curtis at the Council Service Center to make alternative arrangements}


**Payments received after December 15th will result in a 2% reduction of commission**


Useful Information!

Sale Guidebook

New Scout Flyer

Key Answers To Selling Objections

2017 Military Overview

How To Sell To 30 Customers In 1 Week

Online Product Flyer

2017 Pack Budget Form (Excel) - PDF

2017 Troop Budget Form (Excel) - PDF




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